Capturing stories from the people of Plymouth. 

POP is collecting these stories from individuals so that we might bring about ‘change’.

We have trained a team of community researchers to talk with people about their experience of loneliness. We have provided them with a set of questions to try and encourage individuals to open up and share what helps them to be better connected and, potentially more-importantly, what prevents them from connecting with other people. 

Belong in Plymouth are attempting to convert individual stories into a tool that we can all use to assess the impact we have on social isolation & loneliness, but more importantly how we positively take action. 

The map below comes from all the stories collected so far.

See some of the individual stories here.

Become a community researcher here


1.  Through participatory workshops we create a map

2. we can see how the different factors link together. We can spot patterns that help us understand the issues in a different way.

3. when we want to dig back into the community conversations we can higlight the parts of the stories that relate to the factors we want to know more about.

By working with local people to collect stories, working with them to understand and map the important elements we build a participatory mechanism that can feed into decision making.