Fuelling the action needed to make Plymouth a city where no one feels forgotten

Money is not always needed. But sometimes it makes all the difference. Within Belong in Plymouth there is £93k allocated to taking action – see the finances for more detail. The focus for this action is connecting grassroots activity into strategic and city wide work. 

Proposals can be made here. Previous proposals can be found here. 

Only Core Team members can make proposals.

But anyone is invited to be a Core Team member – see here.

Proposal process

  1. Please look at aspirations New ways of working | Sprint
  2. And finances New ways of working | Finances
  3. Complete proposal template below
  4. Attend Core Team meeting 
  5. Decision made 

As part of our commitment to being fully inclusive we have agreed 3 levels of pay rates. This is in recognition that not everyone can afford to put their time in for free.

  1. Base rate – £21/hr – involvement/participation 
  2. Higher rate – up to £40/hr – expertise/proposal development 
  3. Lead rate – up to £60/hr – lead/convening/shaping

This means that if your time needs to be recognised you will be able to make a claim for the time taken to develop the proposal (Higher rate) and the time you spend at the Core Team meeting (Base rate). 

See the relevant documentation here https://belonginplymouth.org.uk/new-ways-of-working/#Sprint
See the relevant documentation here https://belonginplymouth.org.uk/new-ways-of-working/#Finance

The Core Team (roughly) follows this process when considering proposals:

  1. You will present your proposal
  2. We will ask clarification questions  
  3. We will take time to cast judgements and make suggestions
  4. You will respond and include any of the judgements and suggestions you think are valid. 
  5. The final step is to raise any objections. These are significant issues that would result in significant harm to the programme. This might be because a large amount of funding is needed for the proposal that will significantly impact on the future of Belong in Plymouth.